MR-S1 Milking Robot

The New Milking Machine - Milking from Behind


BouMatic Robotics is the only company in the market to introduce this new milking machine: a pioneering and patented system that milks the cow between the back legs. An entirely new approach to automated milking that provides direct benefits when it comes to cow processing, animal welfare and protecting the system itself.



Accurate Milking Process


The cow determines her own rhythm. The identification system recognises the cow, determines whether it is time for it to be milked and then decides how much concentrate it should be given. The robot arm then approaches the udder between the cow’s back legs. The latest camera techniques enable the teat position to be ascertained and the milk beakers to be connected.



The robot completes the entire milking process from the enclosed technical area. From washing and pre-milking with the separate pre-treatment beaker (the teats are individually cleaned and pre-milked) to the actual milking process and post-milking teat procedures. The milking process is continuously monitored via the various sensors and measurement devices. Deviations within the milking process are immediately and clearly flagged up. If necessary, this data can be sent to a smartphone or iPad.